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Mock Arbitrations

With the eyes and ears of an arbitrator

Mock Arbitrations

Have you ever thought of simulating an arbitration to prepare your case? Using the fresh, independent eyes and ears of an experienced arbitrator to give your client a great advantage in an arbitration?

Then “Mock Arbitrations” are exactly what you need!

Such mock arbitrations are already a widely practised standard in common law countries. They are regularly used there to perfect arguments, case strategy and psychology, as well as presentation before the arbitral tribunal.

Mock Arbitrations

I now offer such mock arbitrations in also in German-speaking countries, conducting them:

  • in English and German.
  • as individual or panel arbitrator.
  • under common and civil law.
  • F2F, online or hybrid.

Let us discuss which approach is most suitable in your specific case and for your desired goal and will yield the maximum value for your client. In any case, comprehensive feedback is an important element of my approach.

I would be very happy to discuss with you the opportunities that mock arbitrations can open up for you and your clients, as well as my approach, in a personal meeting or video call.


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