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Consensual solutions to end disputes: Mediation. International mediation offers a collaborative approach to resolving disputes between parties from different countries. A neutral mediator facilitates communication and negotiation, guiding parties towards a mutually acceptable solution. This process promotes open dialogue, preserves relationships, and maintains confidentiality. 

Unlike arbitration or litigation, mediation empowers parties to craft their own consensual solutions to end disputes, fostering creative and customized outcomes. Its benefits include cost-effectiveness, time-efficiency, and flexibility in addressing complex issues. Moreover, mediation often leads to sustainable agreements, reducing the risk of future conflicts. Embrace international mediation as a constructive alternative to traditional dispute resolution methods, prioritizing cooperation and harmony in global interactions.


As an accredited mediator, I bridge linguistic and cultural divides to facilitate effective resolution of disputes. My background in different legal traditions, bilinguality, and years of cross-border living and working allows me to focus on cross-cultural communication, ensuring all participants are heard and understood. We leverage our bilingual proficiency to foster clear and respectful dialogue, fostering trust and cooperation. By promoting understanding and empathy, I help participants reach mutually beneficial agreements while preserving relationships.

My approach emphasizes cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, creating a conducive environment for constructive negotiations and find consensual solutions to end disputes between businesses of all sizes, including StartUps and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME); as well as international organisations. I assist the participants in finding cost- and time-effective, sustainable and lasting solutions for their investor-state, state-state, art, cultural objects, travel and tourism, inheritance and estate, corporate, sport, certain (financial) family disputes, as well as commercial and employment disputes involving international organisations.

I am a member of leading mediator lists, including the:

Mediation Advocate

As a mediation advocate, I help clients to navigate the intricacies of their cross-border disputes. My approach combines expert legal guidance drawing on my training in different legal traditions as well with cultural sensitivity honed by practicing in many different countries and cultures. I advocate open communication and promote mutual respect. Emotions are an important part of mediations and understand them as essential to achieving sustainable and lasting solutions. Collaboration and empowerment are the basis for every mediation and as mediation advocate I foster harmony and cooperation in global interactions.

Mediation-related Activities


Mock Arbitrations

As an accredited negotiator, I lead bi- and multilateral negotiations involving private parties as well as states. My principled negotiation style, and my experience as a leader of delegations at multi-party international negotiations, enable me to guide parties to lasting, well-accepted outcomes.


I coach businesses and states, providing them with the requisite skills to identify early the potential for conflicts and disputes. I also develop individual tools to avoid or manage conflicts, preventing escalation.   


Training the next generations of arbitration and mediation practitioners is very important to me. I am the Director of the IBA-VIAC CDRC Mediation & Negotiation Competition, the most prestigious mediation competition in the world. I regularly coach teams and international arbitration and mediation competitions and serve as arbitrator and assessor at such competitions.

Teaching and Training

I teach mediation and other dispute resolution subjects at the university level as well as in other settings. I also customise training for target groups, covering mediation, arbitration, dispute management, and dispute resolution topics.



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