Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution


Resolve disputes without courts and litigation: Arbitration. Instead, parties agree to submit their dispute to one or more arbitrators, who render a binding decision called an award. This process offers numerous benefits, including confidentiality, flexibility in procedural rules, neutrality of arbitrators, and enforceability of awards across borders through international treaties like the New York Convention.

Resolve disputes without courts and litigation

Arbitration can provide a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to litigation, allowing parties to resolve complex cross-border disputes efficiently. It can also be twinned successfully with mediation. With its emphasis on party autonomy and tailored procedures, international arbitration is a preferred choice for resolving international commercial conflicts.


I resolve disputes without the parties’ having to resort to traditional courts and litigation. Instead, they can select me as a sole and panel arbitrator to determine their international commercial, investor-state, art, cultural objects, travel and tourism, inheritance and estate, corporate, and sports disputes. I also have three niche interests, including disputes involving StartUps; Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME); and International organisations. 

I am a member of leading arbitrator lists, including:

Arbitration Counsel

I act as counsel in international arbitrations, offering expert guidance through the complex process of resolving cross-border disputes. I assist clients in navigating the arbitration process from inception to the enforcement of awards and bring extensive experience in effective advocacy and strategic advice at every stage. My accreditation as an international commercial mediator allows me to see opportunities where a twinning of arbitration and mediation can be particularly beneficial.

With a focus on efficiency, flexibility, and tailored solutions, I help clients achieve favorable outcomes while minimizing costs and disruptions to their business operations. Trust me to provide diligent representation, drawing on my thorough understanding of international arbitration laws and practices to protect your interests effectively.

Mock arbitrations

I offer mock arbitrations, also in German, simulating arbitrations to prepare for a case, and offering my fresh and independent eyes and ears to give your client a great advantage in any arbitration. For more information, please see here.

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