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Thomas John


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My Story

I lived in many countries and worked for law firms; businesses; governments; and international organisations.

Now, I combine my grasp of cross-border living, working, and trading, with my understanding of cultural differences and 20 years of legal experience, to provide high quality and affordable dispute resolution services. 

I am experienced. I am passionate. I thrive on working internationally.

I am an ideal choice as a mediator and arbitrator.


My Journal

I regularly comment on current issues relating to mediation, arbitration, and online dispute resolution. I also reflect on international private law matters; travel and tourism disputes; investor-State disputes; art and cultural object disputes; and disputes involving international organisations.

Die Funktionen der Dispute Boards

Die Funktionen der Dispute Boards

Die Funktionen der Dispute Boards sind gut durch die Dispute Board Regeln der Internationalen Handelskammer (ICC) gut beschrieben. Demnach betonen Dispute Boards die Bedeutung informeller und formeller Ansätze für die Lösung von Streitigkeiten; greifen sie mit...

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